Our values

We are a nonprofit company that began in 1933 as Minnesota’s first health plan. Our mission is to make a healthy difference in people’s lives. We want our members to have better access to health care. And we want that health care to be affordable and available when it's needed.

Our company values help us work toward our mission:

  • Respect – treating everyone with integrity and empathy
  • Accountability – taking responsibility for our actions and decisions
  • Imagination – being creative and inventive in our work
  • Courage – having the conviction to do the right thing
  • These values are reflected in the following areas:

Code of conduct
This code guides us in making sure we do the right thing for our members.
See our code of conduct (PDF)

Preventing healthcare fraud
Fraud is a serious concern for our industry and for us.
Learn about fraud

We work hard to keep your personal information safe and secure.
See our privacy policy (PDF)

Member rights and responsibilities
Make sure you know your rights and responsibilities to get the most from your health plan.
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Complaints and appeals
If you disagree with a decision we’ve made about a claim, call customer service for an explanation. You can find their number on the back of your member ID card. If you aren’t satisfied with their answer, you can ask someone to review your concerns.
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