Universal Coverage

Minnesota has the highest percentage of people with health care coverage in the nation, but the rate of coverage is declining. We all feel the effects — higher premiums, higher taxes to cover the cost of uncompensated care, community clinics and emergency rooms stretched too thin, and some people who are needlessly sicker because they can’t access or afford needed health care.

As part of our not-for-profit mission, Blue Cross is leading a collaborative effort to reverse this trend. Our goal is universal coverage for all Minnesotans. That’s a health care system based on Minnesota values — fairness, choice, cost control and affordability, a combination of market-based and government roles.

It’s a system where all Minnesotans have health care coverage and contribute to it based on ability to pay. It combines the best of our state’s health care successes in the private sector with progressive public policy programs. And it addresses health care affordability to make it sustainable.

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