How to find the right plan

Not sure how to choose the right plan for you and your employees?  The list below shows some helpful ways to compare health plans:

Compare the networks of doctors, clinics and hospitals

If you’re looking to lower the monthly rate your employees pay, choose a BlueBasic plan. It comes with a smaller network to help you save money. Another way to save is to choose a plan with a specialized network like our BluePrint or BlueConnect plans.  If you want the largest network, see the BlueAccess plans.

Compare deductibles

How much do you want your employees to pay out of pocket before their health care coverage kicks in? Usually the higher the deductible you choose, the lower your monthly rate.

Compare copays

Some plans require copays for health care services and products. And some plans require a higher copay to see a specialist, known as a specialty provider copay.

Compare upfront benefits

Some plans cover office visits, urgent care visits or retail health clinic visits before the deductible is met.

Compare coinsurance

A higher coinsurance can help lower your monthly rate.

Compare out-of-pocket maximums

Look for a plan that fits the maximum you want your employees to pay out of pocket each year.

Compare prescription drug coverage

Some plans cover generic drugs and brand-name drugs differently.

Do you want a health savings account?

Some plans come with a health savings account or health reimbursement arrangement.

Do your employees often travel or live out of state?

Employees are covered at more than 80 percent of physicians nationwide and 90 percent of hospitals with the BlueCard network and have access to hospitals and doctors in more than 200 countries with the BlueCard Worldwide network.

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