Healthier employees, healthier company

Your employees want to be healthy. We can help. At Blue Cross, we’re committed to offering the best health care to our members – and helping you give your employees the care they need.

We’ve brought together health and wellness programs, innovative health plans and effective care delivery to bring you the very best in health care. Contact us to learn more.

Our health and wellness programs:

  • Focus on the total health of your employees
  • Identify and engage at-risk employees early
  • Offer tried and true methods for engaging your employees

Our innovative health plans help your employees:

  • Make the best health decisions
  • Get healthier

Our optimized care delivery:

  • Rewards doctors and hospitals that help people stay healthy
  • Helps employees find the doctor, clinic or hospital that fits best
  • Improves how members are cared for, like e-visits and retail health clinics

Health and wellness focused on your employees

We look at each of your employees and identify:

  • Health risks
  • Potential future costs
  • Their likelihood to adopt healthy habits
  • How much the programs we offer can help

Each employee gets help when and how it's most likely to make a difference.  No one's left out, no one's getting help that won't actually help.  Over time, your employees and their families can be healthier, happier and more productive.

Experienced help with every call

We connect your members with Health Guides who make sure their questions are answered and that they’re getting the right help.  And for employees who need it most, a dedicated nurse can offer coaching and support, which helps build trust over time.

Our health and wellness programs give better: 

  • Health for your employees and their families
  • Results and a focus on the needs of all your employees
  • Experiences for employees at all points in their health care
  • Resources targeted where they make the most difference
  • Opportunities to improve health

Find out more today

To find out more about how our health and wellness programs can help your business get healthier, call your agent or contact us today.