Your Benefits and Rates: Small Businesses

Impact of ACA on small businesses

Small businesses will see changes to their coverage in 2014 too. All small businesses will move to a standard "community rating" system for pricing.

Each small business may see rate changes based on:

  • The size of the company
  • Geographic location of the workforce
  • Age of the employees
  • Health of the employees
  • Rate changes for small businesses depend on the "starting point" for each business. In other words:
  • Low-cost plans may experience premium increases of 30% or more
  • High-cost plans may experience decreases of 30% or more
  • Our ongoing commitment to small businesses throughout the state

No other health insurance company has more options for small businesses in Minnesota than Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota:

  • 25 plan offerings on MNsure and four additional plans "off-exchange" 
  • The only company to offer small business coverage in every area of the state
  • The largest selection of small employer coverage
  • The broadest provider network, which includes nearly every clinic and hospital in Minnesota
  • Shop health plans for small businesses