PrimeMail prescription delivery service

You can save time and money by ordering from PrimeMail mail order pharmacy. To see if you’re eligible, check your plan’s certificate of coverage. Or, call the number on the back of your member ID card.

What it means for you Your prescription drugs will be mailed first-class to your home.

How to get started

  • Visit the PrimeMail site to get an order form. ExternalLink   Or call customer service at the number on the back of your member ID card
  • Fill out the form and mail it with your order and payment to PrimeMail
  • When you need to order refills, download a refill order form ExternalLink or call 1-877-357-7463
  • Allow 10-14 days for delivery
  • Tips for ordering drugs by mail
  • Fill out the entire form. Clearly state if anything should be shipped to someone other than the primary addressee.
  • Provide a phone number where you can be reached during the day. This is very important if your medicine is temperature-sensitive. PrimeMail will call you to arrange delivery.
  • Ask your doctor to write, “maximum amount allowed by benefit” on your prescription.
  • Ask your doctor to prescribe your drug by its generic name. PrimeMail requires that the generic name be written on the prescription.
  • If your prescription is written by a nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant or other non-physician, ask them  to put the  doctor’s name and DEA number on the prescription form. Or, ask to have the doctor sign the prescription and provide their DEA number.
  • If you’re ordering a controlled substance, you must send the original prescription signed by your doctor. No faxed prescriptions or prescriptions signed by a physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner will be accepted for controlled substances. Submit the prescription as close to the date written as possible. (Some controlled substance prescriptions cannot be filled beyond seven days of the date they are written.)
  • PrimeMail is not able to fill orders for compound medications.