Group MedicareBlue Rx (PDP)

You are committed to offering retiree coverage that is valued and also controls your costs. Yet offering prescription drug benefits to retirees can present financial challenges to your company or union

Group MedicareBlue Rx plans from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota can help. You may want to offer a stand-alone group prescription drug plan to retirees; or maybe you offer retiree medical coverage and are looking for ways to control prescription drug expenses.  In either case, look to Blue Cross for plans that provide retiree prescription drug coverage, simplify plan administration and reduce your overall costs.

A variety of plan options gives you a choice in benefits and how much of the drug cost your retirees pay. You also have a choice for the monthly premium; you may pay the full premium for the retiree or share it with your retirees.

  • Key features of group MedicareBlue Rx

•    Fully insured plans to help limit your liability and risk exposure
•    Flexible payment opportunities to help you manage costs
•    Standard benefit designs that are easy to understand
•    Reduced paperwork and other costs that you may have with the Retiree Drug Subsidy
•    Access to the nationwide pharmacy network no matter where retirees live in the United States
•    No annual deductible, so coverage begins right away
•    Copayments that start as low as $0
•    Options that offer continuous coverage throughout the coverage gap stage
•    A supplemental drug benefit for drugs not covered by Medicare Part D
•    Vision and hearing discounts through the MedicareBlue Values discount program
•    Opportunities to customize a plan for your group if the group meets certain requirements


Add medical coverage for a complete health care offering
Offer Group MedicareBlue Rx to retirees as a stand-alone prescription drug plan or pair it with Group Platinum Blue(SM) (Cost), or a Group Medicare supplement plan to create a complete health care solution.

How to learn more
To find out more about Group MedicareBlue Rx, talk with your Blue Cross account representative or have your agent/broker contact Blue Cross to discuss your needs.

Download more information

2014 Group MedicareBlue Rx employer brochure (PDF)

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Limitations, copayments and restrictions may apply. Benefits, premiums and/or copayments/coinsurance may change on January 1 of each year. The benefit information provided is a brief summary not a complete description of benefits. For more information contact the plan.

MedicareBlue is a service mark of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association


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