Why choose Blue Cross?

Healthier employees, healthier company

Do you want healthier, more satisfied employees? Do you need to lower costs? We can help. At Blue Cross, we’re transforming the health support we provide to members – while greatly enhancing the value of our services to employers like you.

Welcome to our new generation model of health engagement: the unique alignment of Whole Person Health SupportSM, Innovative Plan Design and Optimized Care Delivery. Contact us to learn more.

Whole Person Health Support is truly different
Whole Person Health Support focuses resources where there is the greatest opportunity for cost-saving behavior change. It inspires members to take responsibility for their health by providing the support and tools they need to live better, whether they’re categorized as healthy or high opportunity. Prevention, health assessments, online tools, Dedicated Nurse Support for ongoing conditions and worksite screenings are a few of the ways we surround members with opportunities that can make a healthy difference in member health and cost control. Learn more about how it works.  

Every member has access to our innovative Health Guide approach to customer service, where each customer service call becomes an opportunity to extend support and resources to improve member health. Your highest-opportunity members are matched with a Dedicated Nurse who provides coaching and support, building trust over time.

Your advantages
Blue Cross’ approach aligns key engagement drivers and offers a surer route to sustainable benefits, a healthier population, competitive advantage and a stronger bottom line.

  • Fewer care gaps and more support – with our focus on “impactability” regardless of health issue
  • Resources targeted where they can make the most difference – better information is used to determine greatest opportunities for long-term behavior change
  • More opportunities to engage people when and where they’re ready – tighter integration means more member touch points are identified and capitalized on, for greater likelihood of behavior changes that can lead to a healthier population
  • More satisfying and effective member experience – tighter information integration combined with Dedicated Nurse model
  • Truer picture of results – results are measured by outcomes, not just participation
  • Greater opportunities to reduce cost trends and improve member health – synergy of engagement model combines health support with Innovative Plan Design and Optimized Care Delivery
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  • To find out more about how Whole Person Health Support can help your business get healthier, call your agent or contact us today.


A new approach to health engagement

Engaging your people to get more involved in their health and health care is the key to a vibrant and productive organization. It’s also vital to long-term cost control and to staying competitive in a challenging market.

What if health care were more about health? Welcome to a new generation of health care...

When you partner with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, you have resources far beyond what you might traditionally think of as health improvement. We’ve created a solution that for the first time brings together the three most powerful drivers of engagement – all with the goal of improving member health.

  • Innovative Plan Design
  • Benefits that encourage responsible health decisions
  • Incentives that actually result in better health
  • Design that supports desired health outcomes

  • Optimized Care Delivery
  • Rewards for doctors and hospitals that help people stay healthy
  • Information for people to choose best-fit providers
  • Innovation that improves care delivery, like e-visits and retail health clinics

  • Whole Person Health Support
  • Interwoven services that consider the whole person, not just the disease
  • Opportunity indexing that engages at-risk people earlier
  • A model that uses every touch point to extend access to health tools and support

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To learn more about how we can help your business, call your agent or contact us today.