Group Medicare — health care solutions for retirees

Whether you are considering adding retiree health care coverage, maintaining health plan benefits for your retirees or looking into other options, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota has a plan that fits.

We’ve designed Group Medicare retiree health plans for nearly all types of employers and organizations, including publicly held corporations, privately owned companies, nonprofits, government and public entities and Taft-Hartley trust funds.

If your organization chooses not to offer retiree coverage, individual Medicare coverage from Blue Cross is also an option. We can help your retirees understand the plans that are available so they can easily transition from your group plan to an individual Medicare plan.

Available plans
Here you’ll find a basic overview of our group Medicare plans. Plans range from comprehensive medical plans to prescription drug-only plans that can be paired with current medical coverage.

Group Platinum Blue(SM) (Cost) plans
Select one of three plan options that can be paired with Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage.

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Group Medicare supplement plans
Blue Cross offers a variety of Medicare supplement plans that can be paired with Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage.

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Group MedicareBlue(SM) Rx (PDP)
Choose from a large selection of available plan options to pair with Group Platinum Blue and/or a Group Medicare supplement plan.

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Why choose Blue Cross?
Blue Cross has been helping Minnesotans with their health care needs for 80 years and has offered Medicare plans since the program began. You can count on us to provide protection, value and service.
As Minnesota’s health care leader, we live fearless. We believe good health is for everyone — not just our members. It’s a big vision. And that’s why we’re investing in the communities we serve and empowering individuals to make smart choices about their health. Live fearless with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re protected by the strength and stability of Blue Cross.

How to learn more
To find out more about Group Medicare solutions or supporting your retirees’ transition into individual plan options, talk with your Blue Cross account team or ask your agent/broker to contact Blue Cross to discuss your needs.

Blue Cross offers Cost and PDP plans with Medicare contracts.  Enrollment in Blue Cross plans depends on contract renewal.

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