Investing in the future: Our responsibility as a nonprofit

Good health should be within reach of all Minnesotans. And Blue Cross believes the best way to achieve this goal is by operating as a nonprofit company.

We have stakeholders, not shareholders

You won't find Blue Cross on Dow Jones or NASDAQ. Our nonprofit roots run deep. For more than 80 years, operating as a trusted community asset has been key to who we are as a business. We have a responsibility to offer competitive and innovative products, excellent customer service and stable coverage for your health needs. We will continue to do that.

For every premium dollar we collect, more than 91 cents goes directly to pay for care

At Blue Cross, our goal is to end every year with a modest operating margin that allows us to continue delivering on all of our promises for today and tomorrow.

What is the average operating margin of Blue Cross for the past five years?

Average operating margin of Blue Cross for past five years

Committed to secure, predictable coverage

In the event of natural disasters, major health crises, or dramatic economic downturns, our financial strength becomes a consumer protection, allowing Blue Cross to continue operating as normal and without interruption.

The role of reserves

Blue Cross maintains various forms of financial reserves so we have funds available to pay for all current and future obligations, while providing a safeguard for consumers, hospitals, doctors and every health care provider.

Financial strength is more important than ever

Financial strength is especially important during this time of change in health care. Blue Cross is committed to being Minnesota’s leading health insurance company. We are always designing new products, new tools and new technologies for our members to take control of their care and health.

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