InstaCare(SM) 2013

InstaCare short-term health plan

This health plan is a great choice if your family wants:

  • A short-term health plan for 30, 60 or 90 days
  • Coverage that can start right away
  • To bridge a gap in your health coverage
  • To save money by not paying for maternity care (maternity care is not covered)

It’s a good fit if you’re:

  • Between jobs
  • Just out of school
  • Waiting for an employer’s coverage to start
  • Undecided on a long-term plan

Medical coverage:

  • Three deductible options to choose from
  • Free cancer screenings at Tier 1 health care providers
  • Free prenatal and well-child care
  • Free immunizations for children up to age 18
  • Limits on your out-of-pocket costs
  • No referral needed to see a specialist within the network
  • Coverage throughout the United States and the world 
  • InstaCare does NOT cover any treatment for medical conditions you or your family already have, called preexisting conditions
  • Prescription drugs:
  • You pay 20 percent of the cost of generic drugs on our preferred drug list ExternalLink after you meet your deductible

See more coverage details (PDF)

Apply now

Get a health insurance quote for InstaCare, and apply online. Sign in to finish an application.

Or, download the application (PDF) and mail it with a check for payment to us:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota
P.O. Box 64024
St. Paul, MN 55164

What happens after my contract term is up?
You may apply for additional terms of InstaCare coverage if you need coverage for longer than your initial coverage period. (You will need to submit a new application.) Minnesota state law lets you have 365 days of short-term coverage in any 555-day period. Or,
see other plans from Blue Cross that offer longer term, and in some cases, more comprehensive coverage. 

Blue Cross may change premium rates: on an annual renewal date, when you add or delete a dependent, or if you move to a different Blue Cross plan. Factors that may affect changes in premium rates include the age of covered members, where you reside, and whether a member uses tobacco. To see benefit and premium information about all Blue Cross actively marketed individual health plans available to you, please go to ExternalLink

Networks for InstaCare health plan

In Minnesota

This plan comes with the Blue Performance(SM) Regional network. It’s a great network if you’re concerned with cost but don’t want to sacrifice choice.

  • It covers 98 percent of health care providers and 100 percent of hospitals in Minnesota.
  • It’s a high-performance network: Health care providers are separated into tiers based on cost – Tier 1 providers cost less, Tier 2 providers cost more.
  • You pay different costs depending on whether you see a provider in Tier 1 or Tier 2. You will pay more out of pocket when you see providers in Tier 2. 
  • You have to meet separate deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums at Tier 1 providers and Tier 2 providers.
  • You pay for higher-cost providers only when you choose to use them. You are rewarded with the lowest out-of-pocket costs when you choose providers in Tier 1.

National network

This health plan comes with the national BlueCard® PPO network. ExternalLink It includes more than 92 percent of doctors and 96 percent of hospitals in the United States.

Note: To search this network, click the "Add filter" button, then "Network," and select "BlueCard PPO/EPO"

International network

This health plan comes with the BlueCard Worldwide┬« network. ExternalLink It gives you access to doctors and hospitals in more than 200 countries. 

Dental plans

Smile. We offer dental plans, too.

A growing body of evidence links oral health to overall health. Complement your new health plan from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota with a dental plan from Delta Dental of Minnesota.

Find a plan that fits you
Choose a dental plan to fit your needs and your budget. There’s a basic plan that covers preventive exams and cleanings as well as more comprehensive coverage. See plans and monthly rates (PDF).

Coverage you can count on
Your plan comes with the largest dental network in the state and nation with the Delta Dental Premier® network. You’re likely already seeing a provider in the network. To find out, visit ExternalLink and click “Dentist Search.” Or call (651) 406-5995 or toll free at

You’re free to see any dentist, but you’ll pay lower out-of-pocket costs and there’s no claims paperwork for you to submit when you see a network dentist.

It’s easy to enroll
Enrolling in a dental plan is fast and simple.

Enroll online at ExternalLink Or, fill out the application form (PDF) at the end of this brochure and mail it to

Individual Dental
Delta Dental of Minnesota
Attn: Enrollment Department
P.O. Box 330
Minneapolis, MN 55440-0330

If you have questions or need help completing the application, call customer service toll free at

Delta Dental of Minnesota is independent from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota. Delta Dental® provides administrative services for dental benefits.

Health & wellness resources

Healthier people are happier and more productive. That’s why all of our individual and family plans come with:

  • Fitness Discounts : discounts on your gym membership at fitness centers across Minnesota
  • Online health assessment : a first step on your path to better health
  • Online health coaching: online programs that can help you manage your weight, stress less, quit smoking and more
  • Stop-Smoking Support : a program that has helped more than 1 in 3 enrollees quit tobacco successfully
  • 24-Hour Nurse Advice Line : a nurse available any time, day or night, when you have symptoms or health questions
  • Access to more than 50,000 online health and wellness resources
  • And more
  • And discounts on...
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Weight Watchers®
  • And more
  • Weight Watchers is the registered trademark of Weight Watchers International Inc. and is used under license.


Perks for Blue Cross members

Great health care coverage is just the beginning when you team up with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota. Our health plans deliver “extras” that make them an even better value.

More savings
Blue Cross plans come with competitive rates (of course), plus all these moneysaving perks and services:

Discounts on:

  • Gym memberships
  • Weight Watchers®
  • LASIK eye surgery
  • Home medical equipment and supplies
  • Acupuncture, massage, and more

More convenience
Get the health care service you deserve, and all the information you need:

More health support
We'll help you get healthy with all these services:

Weight Watchers is the registered trademark of Weight Watchers International Inc. and is used under license.