Follow these steps

Registration is designed to keep your personal health information secure.



Enter your name, birth date and the member identification number on your member ID card.

Be sure to enter the information exactly as it appears on your card.

Note: You can register on or after the day your health plan is effective, but not before then.

See sample screen


Create your user name and password and provide your email address. You'll see instructions for creating an appropriate user name and password. You'll review and agree to the site's privacy policy and terms of use here, too.

See sample screen See privacy policy


Next, you'll see a few personalized security questions, as you do on banking and other sites. When you register or change your password, we must, by law, make sure it's really you. The questions are about things like a previous address or car you owned and we don't save, store or share the information.

See sample screen and more info


Now sign in with the user name and password you created. Next time you visit, this is all you'll need to do.

See sample screen


You'll see a link for this on the sign in page.

For your user name, you'll be asked to enter basic information — have your member ID card handy.

For your password, you can have a reset link emailed to you. Don't want to use email? You can answer security questions or have a PIN mailed to you.

That's it. Registration keeps your information secure in a few easy steps.

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