Healthy Incentives

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Rewarding better health

The unhealthy behaviors of the U.S. workforce cost employers an average of $670 per employee every year.1 When financially rewarded to improve their health status, employees are more likely to make a change – saving money for employers and employees – and improving health status. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota is helping people get healthier through Healthy Incentives, an incentive program designed for groups with 51+ employees, to motivate and reward employees for healthy behavior.

You can help make a difference in your employees’ lives.

The cost of unhealthy

  • Eighty-five percent of avoidable health care costs are linked with patient health behaviors.2
  • Obesity costs private employers $45 billion annually in medical costs and lost productivity.3
  • In 2009, the estimated direct and indirect cost of high blood pressure was $73.4 billion.4
  • Smokers cost their employers $1,200 more per year in direct medical costs than non-smoking employees.5

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Employer experience

In 2009, a large employer working with Blue Cross implemented a groundbreaking, evidence-based “culture of health” initiative combined with the Healthy Incentives program to help encourage healthy lifestyle choices amongst its employees.

  • Culture of health – modified the workplace environment to encourage healthy lifestyle choices, based on evidence-based best practices and participation in health promotion events.
  • Healthy Incentives program − employees were rewarded with a “buy down” on their monthly premium for passing health measures of a biometric screening and for taking a health assessment.

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Get started

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