"Find a doctor" web tool

The "Find a doctor" web tool gives your employees the freedom to shop for their health care. Available online, employees can find doctors and facilities, compare quality ratings and cost, and read and write reviews on providers.

Newsletter articles

Use these newsletter articles to inform your employees about the benefits of the “Find a doctor” web tool.

Become a smarter health care shopper (MS Word)

Power shopping for health care (MS Word)

Middle-of-the-night health care (MS Word)

Does your doctor stack up? (MS Word)

Direct mail or email campaign content

Use this content for a direct mail or email campaign to encourage your employees to use the "Find a doctor" web tool.

Health care shopping campaign (MS Word)


Hang these posters in common areas, such as your employee lunchroom or bulletin boards.

Fever "Find a doctor" poster (PDF)

Sore throat "Find a doctor" poster (PDF)

Headache "Find a doctor" poster (PDF)

Bad knee "Find a doctor" poster (PDF)