Can I get help paying for my health plan?

You might be able to get help paying for your health plan. You could get a tax credit and/or cost-sharing assistance (a lower deductible and copayments).

If you haven’t been able to get help in the past, you might be able to now. For example, tax credits are available to people who make $45,960 or less and a family of four making $94,200 or less. Help is based on a sliding scale, so the more money you make, the less help you can get.

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You may be eligible for cost-sharing if your household income is in this range:

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* The actual tax credit or cost-sharing assistance you receive will be based in part on your modified adjusted gross income and other factors including the number of people in your household, your eligibility for other minimum essential coverage, tribal status, personal circumstances, and the plan(s) in which you and/or the members of your household enroll. The information provided is not intended to be legal, financial, compliance or tax advice, and you should not rely on the estimate provided. Your official eligibility can only be determined by the Minnesota health insurance marketplace at the time you enroll.