E-prescribing: Blue Cross member data now available

Providers have access to e-prescribing information for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota members who have Prime Therapeutics as their pharmacy benefit manager (PBM).

How do I know if my patient’s information is available?

Refer to the member’s identification card — the RxPCN value is PGIGN. Data is available for all Blue Cross members who use Prime Therapeutics as their PBM.

What is e-prescribing?

E-prescribing allows you to write and electronically submit prescriptions to a pharmacy directly from the point of care. You can also have immediate access to a patient’s eligibility information, medication history and drug formulary.

Why use it?

E-prescribing has many time-saving and patient safety features:

  • Check for potential allergies and harmful drug interactions by reviewing your patient’s medication history
  • Confirm member eligibility and prescription copay information prior to sending an e-prescription
  • Reduce time spent on phone calls with pharmacies; less potential for errors due to handwriting interpretation
  • Select medications that are preferred by the patient's health plan, that meet therapeutic guidelines and are cost effective for the patient
  • See which medications require a prior authorization, step therapy authorization or have a quantity limitation so you can change the medication or submit an authorization request before the patient goes to the pharmacy
  • Be informed of drug recall information

How do I start e-prescribing?

If you are interested in writing e-prescriptions at your office, you will need to find stand-alone e-prescribing software or an electronic medical record (EMR) that has been certified. Refer to the AMA’s ePrescribing Learning Center ExternalLink for more information.

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