How members can contact us

Here are a few ways you can reach us:

1. Call the number on the back of your member ID card

If you are a member, the best way to reach us is by calling the number on the back of your member ID card. With that number, you'll reach a customer service representative trained to help you with your specific plan.

2. Call the general phone number

If you don’t have your member ID card handy, you can call our general phone number. When you call this number, you will get an automated phone system that helps with many different kinds of questions. So, it may take a few minutes to reach a customer service representative.

(651) 662-8000
TDD 1-888-878-0137

3. Send a secure email

You can email questions about health benefits or claims, if you send us a secure email. To do this, sign in or register on myBlueCross. Once you are signed in, look for access to your secure email box.

We need you to use this secure email box to protect your personal health information. We are required by law to protect this information, which includes your name, claims and other information you may have questions about.

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