Understanding changes to your benefits and rates

The impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is as broad and diverse as Minnesota itself. This is how many of our plans are changing:

Grandfathered plans

If you're a current Blue Cross member and have had your individual plan since before March 23, 2010, you have a “grandfathered plan.” Grandfathered plans are, for the most part, not impacted by ACA. The benefits, co-pays and deductibles will not change as long as you choose to remain in your current plan. However, if you choose to leave the plan for any reason, you won’t be able to get it back.

If my plan didn’t change, why did my rate go up?

ACA requires newer and older plans to be separated administratively – so Blue Cross can’t spread increases among all plans. The higher costs need to be spread amongst those plans.

Non-grandfathered plans

If you're a current Blue Cross member and your plan was purchased on or after March 23, 2010, it is subject to ACA requirements, which means:

  • 95% of non-grandfathered members get at least one new benefit
  • 95% get reduced out-of-pocket limits
  • Due to these required changes, the 2014 version of your plan might look a lot different from the past. You may have more comprehensive coverage, but it may mean higher up-front premiums.

New plans for 2014

Blue Cross also redesigned all of our current plans for the ACA. Even if you are thinking about keeping your current plan, you may find one of our new plans is an even better match for your needs.
See new health plans

MNsure plans

MNsure, the state-run exchange, is a new marketplace for shopping, comparing and selecting health insurance coverage. Individuals and families who are eligible for assistance should use MNsure.org ExternalLink to find a plan. However you don’t need to qualify for assistance to shop on MNsure.

Own a small business?

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