Aware Gold


Aware Gold® offers access to an extensive provider network and minimal cost sharing with no deductible (in network). You choose the copay.

  • Highlights
  • Optional preventive care, office visits and hospital services coverage at 100 percent (in network)
  • Prescription drugs covered with a range of copay, formulary and generic options, mail order savings available
  • Blue Cross network

Health support

Health Support works with your health plan to surround your employees with a rich network of services that can make a difference in their lives. See Why Blue Cross to learn more about Whole Person Health Support.

  • Group plans include these services
  • Opportunity score – assessment of health and gaps in care for all members
  • Online Health Assessment – at no additional fee; a vital first step in improving your people’s health
  • Online Health Coaching modules – for weight management, stress, smoking cessation and more, accessible to all Health Assessment participants
  • Access to Health Guides and Nurse Guides – new customer service approach extends members’ calls to improve experience
  • Dedicated Nurse outreach and active support – help for members at higher opportunity levels builds trust
  • Stop-Smoking Support – more than 1 in 3 enrollees quit successfully
  • Access to an abundance of web-based information and tools
  • Employee communication support and toolkits

  • Additional support to tailor to your group’s needs
  • Fitness Discounts* – more than 2,000 fitness centers to choose from
  • Healthy Start® Prenatal Support* – 29% lower incidence of preterm births than national rates
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)* – users report satisfaction levels close to 90%
  • 24-Hour Nurse Advice Line* – has saved more than $2.70 for every dollar invested
  • Enhanced Stop-Smoking Support (with medications) – quit medications added to coaching double the chances of success
  • Health Incentives – we’ll work with you to design an approach to align with your goals
  • Telephone-based lifestyle coaching
  • Disability Solutions
  • Onsite Health Screenings
  • FluStop(SM)
  • Self-care guide
  • * These options are included at no additional fee for all fully insured groups. They are available at an additional fee for self-insured groups.

  • Other discounts and services included
  • Complementary care discounts
  • Laser vision correction surgery discount
  • Weight Watchers discounts
  • Information sources
    Stop-Smoking Support: BluePrint for Health Stop-Smoking Program Quarterly Quit rate and Satisfaction Report, Free & Clear 2007.
  • Healthy Start prenatal support: National rates reported by the National Center for Health Statistics. Based on 2007 Healthy Start program outcomes in comparison to 2006 national outcomes from the National Center for Health Statistics.
  • Employee Assistance Program: Client satisfaction survey, 2008.
  • Enhanced Stop-Smoking Support: Internal Blue Cross program evaluation study, 2004-2005.