Pharmacy benefits offer savings

Together with Prime Therapeutics, we manage pharmacy benefits as an investment.  This balances cost, control, quality, health and disease management outcomes. Our integrated approach creates savings opportunities.

How your customers will save:

  • Competitive network pricing
  • Discounts
  • Ability to influence the number and type of drug used
  • Administrative efficiencies
  • Pharmacy options we offer:
  • Benefit design analysis
  • Claims processing
  • Clinical and medication management programs
  • Drug use review
  • Multiple formulary development and management
  • Drug mail order service
  • Manufacturer discount contracting and administration
  • Generic drug incentive programs
  • Network management
  • Employer-specific reporting
  • Specialty drug benefit program
  • Why choose our pharmacy benefits
  • We analyze integrated data to identify the health conditions affecting your customers' employees
  • Our account team manages all of your pharmacy and medical needs.  We help your customers make pharmacy management decisions that fit their overall business objectives.  
  • We reach out to employees with chronic conditions, like asthma, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Results have shown dramatic savings and health improvement when employees with these type of conditions like these receive help.
  • The winning formula for savings
    Because we work closely with Prime Therapeutics, we're uniquely positioned to control the number of drugs used and the type of drug. These two components of the drug cost equation generate the greatest drug costs.

Your clients and their employees will appreciate the ease and convenience of our our pharmacy benefit programs. Only Blue Cross offers this level of administrative ease:

  • The same member ID card works at the pharmacy and doctor
  • One customer service number for medical and pharmacy needs
  • Consolidated administration and billing saves processing time and expense
  • Automated “crossover” claims administration simplifies coordination with a flexible spending account or consumer-driven health care plan
  • Combined tracking of deductibles and maximums makes it easier to administer plan limits

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