Health support

Whole Person Health Support(SM) works with our health plans to surround members with a rich network of services that can make a difference in their lives.

Know which support services your clients have
These Health Support offerings vary for fully insured vs. self-insured groups. Use the chart below to find which programs are included at no charge and which are available for an additional fee.


Program Fully insured Self-insured Highlights
One-to-One Health Support      
Opportunity score assessment for all members Included Included Assessment of health and care gaps
Health Guides and Nurse Guides Included Included Customer service approach extends members’ calls to improve experience
Dedicated Nurse Support Included Included Help for members at higher opportunity levels builds trust
Specialty Support for Rare Conditions Included Included  
Healthy Start® Prenatal Support Included Included 29% lower incidence of preterm births than national rates
Employee Assistance Program Included Included In-network benefits for up to 9 months
Employee Assistance Program (with face-to-face counseling) Available Available  
Disability Solutions Available Available  
Lifestyle Support      
Online Health Assessment & Online Coaching Modules Included Included A vital first step in improving members’ health plus ongoing support
Online Health and Wellness Resources Included Included  
Stop-Smoking Support Included Included More than 1 in 3 enrollees quit successfully
Enhanced Stop-Smoking Support (with medication coverage) Available Available Quit medications with coaching double success chances
Fitness Discounts Included Available More than 2,000 fitness centers to choose from
Phone-based Lifestyle Coaching Available Available  
On-Site Health Screenings Available Available  
Health communication and support tools Included Included  
Health Decision Support      
24-Hour Nurse Advice Line Included Available Has saved more than $2.70 for every dollar invested
Self-Care Book Available Available  
Workplace Health Engagement      
WalkingWorks Included Included  
FluStop(SM) on-site flu shot clinics) Included Available  
Health fair management Available Available  
Educational seminars Available Available  
Health Incentives Not available Available  
Other discounts and services included      
Complementary care discounts Included Included  
LASIK surgery discount Included Included  
Weight Watchers discounts Included Included