7 ways to save on health care costs

Here are some things you can do to make sure you’re using health care resources wisely and getting the most value for your dollar.

Use network providers

Pay the lowest cost for care by using doctors, pharmacies and other health care providers who are in your health plan’s network.

Get recommended preventive care

Many plans, including all Blue Cross individual plans, cover preventive care at 100 percent. Getting regular exams, screenings and immunizations can save you a lot of money in the long run by catching problems early or preventing them altogether.

Shop for high-value care

More expensive care isn’t necessarily better. Take advantage of online tools that let you see costs for care and quality ratings for providers. Look for the best value for your money. Ask whether your health plan offers information and tools that can help you choose.

Choose the right level of care

When you need care, knowing your options can save you time and money. Find out how to choose the right level of care.

Ask for generic drugs

Generic drugs are safe and effective. They’re FDA-approved and contain the same active ingredients as the brand-name versions. Generics cost much less than brand-name drugs and work just the same.

Take advantage of health plan savings and support programs

Check to see if your health plan includes programs like help to quit smoking, fitness incentives, health assessments and other ways that you can get support to be healthier or save money.

Take care of yourself

A healthy lifestyle is in your control. You’ll feel better and have lower health care costs.

  • Eat well
  • Get enough sleep
  • Get moving
  • Quit smoking and avoid secondhand smoke
  • Keep your weight under control

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota can help. Many of our plans include coverage for preventive care and generic drugs, health support programs, online tools to help you choose care and other ways to help you save. See Blue Cross plans for individuals and families.

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