BlueBasic plan for 2014

Note: Open enrollment has ended and will start again in late 2014. Find out how to enroll now if you have a special situation.

BlueBasic gives you basic health insurance at a reasonable price. Look at BlueBasic plans if you care most about cost.

BlueBasic may be a good fit for you if:

  • You want lower monthly rates (premiums) in exchange for paying a greater share of the health care services you use
  • You think you’ll visit the doctor less often, so a higher deductible is okay
  • You want cost-sharing choices to find the plan that best fits your budget and health care needs
  • You want to save money with a smaller network of doctors and hospitals
  • You're flexible in the doctors you see or yours is in the  Consumer Value network
  • You want upfront benefits before you meet your deductible, like  two free online doctor visits with  Online Care Anywhere ExternalLink
  • You want perks like health club discounts
  • You want prescription drug coverage  (see if your drugs are covered) ExternalLink

Choose the BlueBasic plan that works for you

Your costs for care in the Consumer Value network
Monthly rate Deductible
Coinsurance Out-of-pocket maximum (single/family)
  Amount you pay for covered health care services in a year before your health plan starts to pay Percent you pay for your covered health care services after you meet your deductible

Annual limit on your health care expenses. After you've paid this amount — (in deductibles, coinsurance, copays or a combination of these), — your plan pays for all of your covered health care services.

As low as $120
see benefits
$3,300 / $6,600 50% $5,650 / $11,300
As low as $122
see benefits
$5,650 / $11,300 0% $5,650 / $11,300
As low as $140
see benefits
$4,350 / $8,700 0% $4,350 / $8,700
As low as $146
see benefits
$2,200 / $4,400 20% $5,650 / $11,300

You'll pay more out of pocket when you see a doctor outside of the Consumer Value network.

An affordable network that fits you

The Consumer Value network is your lowest cost option. It's a smaller network of doctors and hospitals.  See if your doctor's in the network. It includes:

  • 90 hospitals
  • 2,500 clinics
  • 28,800 physicians
  • 25 outpatient service centers
  • 4,200 mental health professionals
  • 580 chiropractors
  • You're covered when you travel, too, with our national BlueCard PPO and international BlueCard Worldwide® networks.

Blue Cross may change premium rates: on an annual renewal date, when you add or delete a dependent, or if you move to a different Blue Cross plan. Factors that may affect changes in premium rates include the age of covered members, where you live, and whether a member uses tobacco. Other plans may be available to you. Talk to your agent, or call us at 1-800-262-0823.

We offer a large network of doctors and hospitals. Each oneis an independent contractor and not our agent.

Online Care Anywhere is an independent company that does not provider Blue Cross products or services. Online Care Anywhere is solely responsible for its telehealth services.