2014 BlueBasic plan for small groups

BlueBasic plans give you basic health insurance at a reasonable price. Look at these plans if you're most concerned about cost.

A BlueBasic plan may be a good fit if you want:

  • Lower monthly rates
  • To save money and don't mind having a smaller network of doctors, clinics and hospitals
  • A health savings account
  • Upfront health benefits, like two free online doctor visits with OnlineCareAnywhereMN.com.
  • Discounts on gym & fitness center memberships

About the health savings account

What it is

It's a savings account that helps your employees pay for medical expenses and it has tax advantages, too.

How does it work?

You, your employee or both contribute pre-tax dollars to a health savings account every year. Your employee may use the money in the account to pay for eligible medical expenses.

Any unused money in the account rolls over to the next year's balance.  And your employee can keep the account, even if he or she leaves your company or retires. Your employee can also use this account to pay for some insurance or Medicare premiums.

Consumer Value network — save with a smaller network

When you buy a health plan, you're also buying access to a network of doctors, clinics and hospitals. You can save money by choosing a plan with a smaller network. See doctors and hospitals in the Consumer Value network.

The Consumer Value network includes more than:

  • 90 hospitals
  • 2,500 clinics
  • 25 outpatient service centers
  • 4,290 mental health professionals
  • 580 chiropractors

These plans also give you national coverage through the BlueCard® PPO network and international coverage with the BlueCard Worldwide® network.

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